Our institute is dedicated to offering an array of bachelor's and master's degree programmes, with distinguished academics and industry professionals providing a blend of theory and practice.

Each course is deliberately crafted to impart the essential skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience that students need to excel in their chosen fields. Leveraging our strong ties with distinguished academics and industry professionals, we can provide unique, cutting-edge courses that bridge the gap between theory and practice. Here are some of the courses that have been notably featured in our recent curriculum:

Bachelor's Degree Courses:

Einführung ins Privatrecht

Taught by Prof. Dr. Andreas Binder, Prof. Dr. Isabelle Wildhaber, and Dr. Roman Gutzwiller, this course delves into the complexities of private law.

International Strategic Leadership and Strategic Leadership with Visual Analytics

Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Georg Guttmann, these courses focus on global leadership strategies and visual analytics application.

International Management

Prof. Dr. Winfried Ruigrok and Dr. Tomas Casas provide extensive knowledge of international management strategies.

International Diversity Management – What Works?

Prof. Dr. Gudrun Sander leads this course, offering insights into effective practices for managing international diversity.

Gesellschaft/Society: Increasing Racial and Ethnic Equity in Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Gudrun Sander and Christian Pierce jointly conduct this course, enhancing understanding of racial and ethnic equity within Swiss society.

Doing Business in India – Roger Moser

Prof. Dr. Roger Moser leads this specialized course, providing unique insights into India's business landscape.

Dealing with Uncertainty in Dynamic Markets – Roger Moser

This course focuses on risk and uncertainty management in volatile markets, led by Prof. Dr. Roger Moser.

Master's Degree Courses:

Corporate Governance

Led by Prof. Dr. Andreas Binder and Prof. Dr. Roland Müller, this course explores the intricacies of corporate governance.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Prof. Dr. Andreas Binder, Prof. Dr. Xena Welch Guerra, and Dr. Roman Gutzwiller collaboratively teach this course, focusing on the complexities of mergers and acquisitions.


Dr. Tomas Casas, Dr. Stephanie Schoss, and Joachim Schoss jointly offer this dynamic SIM elective course.

China's Political Economy: Growth, Opportunity and Sustainability, and Disruption and Innovation in International Business

Dr. Tomas Casas provides unique insights into China's economy and the dynamics of international business in these courses.

No funny business? Leadership soft skills for a digital, diverse, and dispersed age

Led by Prof. Dr. Jamie Gloor, this course explores necessary leadership soft skills in the digital era.

International Corporate Governance and Strategic Leadership

Prof. Dr. Georg Guttmann leads this course, focusing on the global aspects of corporate governance and strategic leadership.

Verantwortung/Responsibility: Unconscious Bias

Dr. Ines Hartmann and Bianca van Dellen unpack the subconscious biases influencing decisions and perceptions in this course.

Verantwortung/Responsibility: Inclusive Leadership: Wie führt man Teams in der Zukunft?

Dr. Nora Keller and Dr. Ines Hartmann guide this course, discussing future strategies for inclusive leadership.

International Management

Prof. Dr. Winfried Ruigrok leads this core SIM programme course, deep diving into global management strategies.

International Business Strategy

Xiaoxu Zhang guide this course that is part of the thematic course “International Law and Business Strategy”, Master of International Affairs

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