CCTT’s mandate centres around knowledge on high-performance teams, its creation, and diffusion. Our knowledge is grounded in academia and applied in practice. We provide analyses of critical team dimensions and distinct coaching and teaching to organisations with the aim of understanding and improving their teams.

Team analytics and benchmarking

Based on the latest academic insights, we analyse a multitude of team dimensions that have been identified to affect team performance. These team dimensions (e.g., deep-level diversity, objective setting, we consciousness) consist of important variables and constructs such as cohesion, trust, or psychological safety.


Not only do we provide quantitative assessments of these variables, but also, we benchmark them against results of relevant peers. This way, our clients can quickly identify relative strengths and weaknesses of their teams in terms of how they work together and how effective they are. Further, clients can draw meaningful conclusions on how to improve team performance.

Our analyses come as tailored benchmark reports which we present to all types of stakeholders, from team members to the C-suite.