Research Institute for International Management


Welcome to the Research Institute for International Management (FIM)

The Research Institute for International Management is a leading institute offering cutting-edge research, project work, and educational programs to tackle the complex challenges of today's business world. Our five Competence Centres utilize different approaches and sources of funding to provide research and project work in various fields. FIM has contributed to the international research community, publishing papers in leading journals and receiving nominations for best paper and reviewer awards. Our distinguished faculty has received numerous awards and recognitions. Join us in our commitment to innovative and cutting-edge solutions for today's business challenges.

Our Mission

We advance the understanding of globalisation, foreign business structures, diverse workforces and different cultures. We focus on the implications of globalisation on organisational strategies, structures and processes. We promote effective ways to deal with the challenges of global business by providing sound and relevant education, rigorous and relevant empirical research, and thorough yet speedy advice to private and public sector practitioners.

Five Competence Centres at FIM-HSG generate and diffuse knowledge:

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