China Engagement

CCC is a gateway for Swiss/European companies internationalising in China as well as for Chinese firms expanding in Switzerland and Europe.

A core competence of CCC is China Executive Education, Advisory Services and Training & Seminars, all on a tailor-made basis. Our knowledge is leveraged by a decade of experience supporting European and Chinese firms, with custom engagements for both firms and institutions.

Contributing to a tradition of management excellence and intercultural competence, the CCC provides an integrated knowledge platform. This platform links expertise from diverse sources at the University of St. Gallen, including those of the Asia Connect Center (ACC), in order to support the success of each and every China engagement.

For all its programmes engaging with China, CCC leverages the nodes and relationships of the University of St.Gallen and its various institutes, schools and competence centers. The CCC also puts at the disposal of partnering entities the extensive networks and resources its principals have build over the years.

The CCC offers you support in developing the right strategy for your expansion into China. To understand the potential of a China we organize individualized workshops for both your home audience and your guests from the PRC. Bloc seminars and study trips accompanied by experts and professional trainers offer profound learning opportunities. Our services range from operationalizing a learning concept to designing a whole study trip programme. And this is only a starting point in a palette of services that are centered on three pillars:

  • China Executive Education: Discovery expeditions and customized executive education programmes for both Western and Chinese firms and government institutions.
  • Advisory Services: Tailor-made consulting projects covering Western FDI in the PRC and Chinese ODI in Europe, ranging from individualized market analysis and surveys to investment advisory and China entry strategy execution.
  • Seminars & Training: Join our acclaimed seminars or let us know your organization’s immediate China training needs.

Knowing the Chinese economy, its system and its relevant actors is an essential competence in today's global economy. The CCC provides you knowledge and access as your one-stop competence partner with regards to the whole range of value chain activities and opportunities associated with China.

An example of successful implementation of executive education programmes are the ones in partnership with Tsinghua University’s School of Economics and Management (SEM). Five-day programmes in Switzerland were carried out in September of 2023 and are slated for April and September of 2024.

Please contact Prof. Dr. Tomas Casas directly for executive education, advisory or any other of your China needs and ideas.