Bachelor & Master Thesis

A thesis in the India Competence Centre (ICC) has a clear focus on INDIA.

You can either develop your own, clearly defined bachelor or master thesis proposal and submit it or you can choose between one of the two following approaches:

    1. A thesis based on the Critical Incident Technique (CIT) through which you identify primarily good practice behaviours for managers in the Indo-European context.
    2. A thesis based on the Delphi (Expert) Panel methodology through which you assess the future business context (e.g. PESTEL, Competitor Behaviour) of a selected industry (segment) in India.
    3. A thesis can be quantitative or qualitative in nature.
    4. Supervision will directly take place by Prof. Dr. Moser.
    5. As a rule, the thesis will be written in English.

​​​​​​Subject areas under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Roger Moser are the following:

  • India
  • Decision Intelligence

Fields of Expertise

  • India
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Access-based Business Model
  • Contextual Intelligence
  • Intercultural Management