Applied research

The CCDI conducts the annual St.Gallen Diversity Benchmarking, which is Switzerland’s largest benchmark for diversity, equity, and inclusion. The St.Gallen Diversity Benchmarking provides facts and concrete fields of action and recommendations for all important HR processes, from recruitment to pipeline management and career planning. The CCDI publishes industry-specific benchmarking analyses, focusing on the specific needs of different Swiss sectors. In 2022, the CCDI collaborated with Swissmem to publish industry-specific reports for companies with under and over 800 employees. In addition to six other sector-specific benchmarking analyses, the CCDI for the first time published a benchmarking report specifically for consulting firms. 

The CCDI and Fachstelle UND collaborate on developing a set of standardized indicators (based on HR and organizational data) to analyse and compare the compatibility of work and other life domains between companies. The project is funded by the Federal Office for Gender Equality and will run until December 2023. 

The annual Gender Intelligence Report (GIR) was the result of a benchmarking study CCDI conducted on behalf of ADVANCE Women in Swiss Business, a NPO. Since 2022 GIR included industry-specific analyses, allowing organizations in banking, consulting, insurance, media, MEM, pharma and medtech, as well as the public sector to see their unique areas for (DE&I) action and receive recommendations when it comes to sustainable talent management. More than 100 companies and organizations participate yearly on the GIR since 2022, corresponding to about 7% of the Swiss workforce. 

The Competence Centre for Diversity and Inclusion conducted a survey on behalf of the Schweizerischer Arbeitgeberverband (SAV) among companies in Switzerland with 100 or more employees. This is the most comprehensive collection of data on internal pay equity in Switzerland to date (June 2023).

In addition, CCDI members have contributed to edited volumes and anthologies on diversity management, diversity indices, and inclusive leadership.