Courses at HSG

We are engaged in the following university courses at HSG:

Prof. Dr. Jamie Gloor

“No funny business? Leadership soft skills for a digital, diverse, and dispersed age” (Master).

“Time is money? Diverse perspectives on our most valued (and valuable?) resource” (Bachelor).

Dr. Ines Hartmann and Bianca van Dellen

"Verantwortung/Responsibility: Unconscious Bias - Was beeinflusst unsere Entscheidungen und Wahrnehmung?" (Bachelor).

Prof. Dr. Gudrun Sander

“Unconscious Bias und Diversity”, (Executive MBA).

“Wie rational verhalten wir uns wirklich?”, (HSG-Academy).

“Unconscious Bias und Generationen”, (HSG Community Festival).

"International Diversity Management - What Works?" (Bachelor).

Prof. Dr. Gudrun Sander and Christian Pierce

"Increasing Racial and Ethnic Equity in Switzerland." (Bachelor).